Monthly Archives: August 2011

Sweet Cherry

For this go round with sweet Cherry, we bind her beautiful boobs tightly and tie her hands overhead. We love watching Cherry cum, and for that we are not ashamed. We mount her atop the Sybian and get the machine primed. Seeing Ms. Torn gyrate on the cumbot is a beautiful sight to behold and her moans of pleasure are music to our ears… she’s welcome here anytime.

Brace for Impact

Bound to the beam, Athena’s futile struggle begins…With her breasts tightly bound, her legs splayed, her resistance is soon to be a foregone conclusion. Strategically we have her mounted atop the Cumbot and as it enters and exits, Athena’s lovely moans fill the room. We watch intently as she puts on a show all the while, she is worked towards a monumental climax. She takes it hard and she takes it well as we put her through the paces.

Standard Operating Procedure II

Jeanie’s dastardly Doctor’s visit isn’t quite over just yet. She finds herself bent over the medical table as The Invader barrels it’s way deep inside her pussy. The Machine is certainly having it’s way with this patient. Then, just as Jeanie thinks she has a moment to collect her breath, Dr Bane restrains her in a wheelchair and buries a magic wand against her clit.

Busty Banquet

There’s probably not much better than a heaping helping of Cherry. All served up before us. Breasty and bound like a never ending feast. A feast for the eyes and senses. Speaking of senses, Cherry is keenly aware of what we have in store for her on this day. Bound ever so tightly and spread nice and wide, we press her into action as we fire up the machine. All eyes are on Cherry, and she gives us a show. The Cumbot plows that pussy and we watch in wonder wondering what delicious desserts may follow.


I’m not too familiar with Sinn, but I’m liking what I see. She seems to be the loyal type. The type that’s willing to experiment. They type to give it the “ole college try”. When we take a peek at her body we start to like her even more. She’s natural and perfect. Another plus… we bind her boobs and restrain her arms behind her back before we perch her atop the Sybian. She seems a tad nervous. Who could blame her though, we’re a group of dementos. We flip the Sybian’s switch and Sinn takes hold. Figuratively of course. She bucks like a bronco as we put her through her paces.