Monthly Archives: November 2011

Hard & Deep

Lizzy gets herself primed when she reaches for the G5 and plants that sucker smack, dab between her legs. The machine has got some serious power and Lizzy uses it to it’s full potential as she blasts of one hell of an impressive orgasm that leaves us all wanting to see more…We then get her in a full body tie, bent and exposed for The Marauder to take full advantage of. While the Cumbot steams forth like a locomotive, we place the milkers on her heavy tits and Lizzy is fucked hard and deep.

Sweet Melissa

Melissa’s stocked and gagged and whining for freedom, but we have other plans… We’ve perched her atop the Sybian and there’s only one way out. The blast of the Sybian is a forceful one and Melissa takes the brunt. Her moans increase in volume, no gag can deny her…She shudders and screams, her hands writhe… This dame is getting fucked Cumbots style!

Nurse Sandy

Sandy opens wide and presses the wand up against her pussy and we take a birds-eye view of what she’s got. She lays back and works it harder against her clit while pushing herself toward a mind numbing orgasm. We bend her over the table, her wrists bound tightly. She pulls at her binds as The Invader rams her pussy. The only release she’s going to get however is the orgasmic release of this machine fuck.

Desperately Seeking Summer

Even Southern California has it’s cold spells… relatively speaking of course, and it’s about that time of year. Time to warm the bones besides the fire, time to get ready for the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season. And while we do glean some appreciation from the season, we’re still desperately desiring one white hot blast of Summer. We bind those beautiful tits, they definitely induce unclean thoughts don’t they? We spread those milky thighs and set The Invader off like St Nick on a late Holiday run. Summer moans, the tape covering her lips barely muffling her exaltation. She lifts her pelvis high, she thrashes in her ties. But we’re hanging onto Summer for as long as we possibly can.

Samurai Invader

She’s cute as a button and dangerously so… Nonetheless, Sandy sits before us. She handles the vibe deftly as she works it over her twat, giving us a taste of what is to come. She’s primed and ready now, and we’ve got a shock for little Sandy. We’ve rigged the Samurai to the Invader just to spice things up a bit. We’ve tied this babe wide and Sandy is caught between a state of pleasure and pain. The Samurai works it’s wonders as we increase the speed and Sandy is reduced to an innocent bystander of sorts.