Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Screams of Anna Pt III

Anna Morna just looks like the kinda young woman who might easily not do fetish modelling. Authentic beauty and a young, fit body keeps her looking like an all American girl to me… and I love it when they end up at my dungeon, eager to shoot, eager to experience something new, eager to enter the unknown…This was Anna’s last scene of the day and she shows some weariness as we ready the machine and penetrate her… the she’s gagged and we roll. Sasha enters to enjoy Anna’s helpless state one more time. She starts the machine and soon adds the magic wand… it’s a very nice build up and you gotta wonder if Anna’s body will respond again. In the end, she not only responds, but continues to cum after sexy Sasha struts away, leaving her to be fucked… proving that after the vibe is gone, the thrill goes on.