Standard Operating Procedure

Jeanie’s never been to the gyno shockingly enough. Seems like she’s ripe for the picking for lack of a better term. Her new physician assures her that everything he is doing is standard operating procedure, and Jeanie, being the rookie she is, obliges. After she strips down, the Mad Scientist breaks out the G5 and runs her through a battery of tests. Despite her apprehension, Jeanie gets into the procedure and becomes aroused. Finally, she is spread wide and the exam takes an even weirder turn as she is spread wide with a Cumbot planted firmly between her legs.

Ruckus in The Red Room

Face down and ready to rumble, Mahina looks fucking amazing and she’s ready to give it her all. Bless her heart… It’s easy to see that this damsel is seriously digging what we’re giving her, so we’ll give her some more. She smashes her pussy back in rhythm to the Cumbot and as the pace increases, so does her volume… As Mahina gyrates we watch dumbfounded and Mahina has a white hot orgasmic display.

Willing to Please

Damn, I love me some Cherry Torn. I haven’t exactly but my finger on it yet. But, I find her amazing. Maybe it’s that perfect, natural body. Maybe it’s the fact that she seems like she would be willing to do just about anything to please… Maybe it’s all of the above? All I know is when I see that she is scheduled to shoot for us here a DungeonCorp, my blood starts pumping. Working on these updates is usually a pleasure, I mean, how can you go wrong? But Cherry is something else… We bound her tight and we’ve got her sweet legs open for the world the see. The time is ripe and the Machine is hungry and so are we… Cherry is in the palm of our proverbial hand and it’s high time to watch her in action.

Spread for Struggle

Baby Doll Alyssa is spread wide on the bench and we’ve tied her down tightly. She realizes this of course and nervously struggles and twitches. She’s not going anywhere though and she’ll soon realize this. While the Cumbot fucks her sweet, tight hole, Alyssa pants in time to the rhythm of this machine fuck. Then we press a pole mounted vibe against her little clit and Alyssa shifts into overdrive.

The Quiet Type

After a molten hot masturbation session, which sees Aiden bring herself off to a nice orgasm, we bend this blonde damsel over and get her primed for the machine fuck of the ages. We start her off nice and easy and then we bring it full on. As the power surges, Aiden screams like a banshee. Rendered immobile, Aiden really has no other choice but to hold tight as the Cumbot charges like a battering ram. My initial impression upon first meeting Ms. Aspen was that she was seemingly the “quiet type”. Of course I should have known that the quiet ones are usually the most fun when you get down to brass tacks, and Aiden certainly proved that theory correct!

Face Down, Legs Up

Face down and legs up, little Tegan finds herself in quite the predicament. She’s been rendered immobile and we’re going to watch her cum. We crank on the machine and Tegan immediately feels the power as it slides in and out of her tight little cunt. We watch in wonder as this little Barbie doll takes the long strokes deep inside. Such a beautiful little lady…The tension builds as the speed increases and Tegan is literally bound to please.

A Noble Effort

Lana’s a fairly new face around here, but we knew immediately that she was the type that could probably take what we had in mind for her. She seemed eager to please, so we put her to the test. We handed her a wand and she got down and dirty with that fucker burying it deep in her bush. She came fucking hard with the vibe, just the way we like it and we realized that she was ready for a bit more… After she finished grinding on the vibrator, we tied her belly down and let the real fucking begin. The Cumbot literally hammered this girl’s cunt and in her state of immobility, Lana could do nothing more than take all we threw at her. She took it all admirably though and gave us quite a show.

Give & Take

Kimmy recently made her DungeonCorp debut on SocietySm and we were impressed with what she gave us. We decided to let the Cumbot have it’s way with her and she how she would fare. After tying her down to the table, we didn’t give her much warning as we launched the fucking machine. But Kimmy took it in stride. She got right into and began to grind hard as the Invader pumped in and out of her pussy. She showed no signs of letting up either as we increased the speed and this dame can fuck back as hard as she is given it.

Over the Threshold

First time I laid eyes on Angelina is when she came in to shoot for SocietySM. I got the initial impression that she was a tough cookie, just something that struck me about her. One thing is for certain, this lady doesn’t waste much time. After she strips, she bends over and buries a chrome vibe in her pussy and blasts off a fucking orgasm. Our kinda gal… now that she’s had a bit of pleasure, lets place her in a more precarious position shall we? We strap her down tightly to the floor. Angelina is going nowhere and that is precisely what we want. The Invader is powered on and Ms. Black gets one hell of a machine fucking. For the proverbial icing on the cake, we then press a wand against her clit and Angelina is pushed past the threshold.

An Air of Innocence

Wow, this girl is amazing. She seems so innocent, but we obviously know she’s not. But still, there’s an air about here with her little body and braces that just screams for our attention, and we’re gonna give it to her. Kaylee has some really nice legs, long and thin and it’s mind boggling to watch her spread them in the chair, and even more mesmerizing when she rubs one out for us. It gets even better when we hoist this little babe up on the table. We bend her over and Kaylee takes the full brunt of the Cumbot deep inside her lovely cunt. We get an up close view and Kaylee gives us all she’s got. Maybe it’s just me but I could watch her forever.

Wide Open Target

After we get a great glimpse of sweet little Jada’s goods, which include her fine little figure and plump, juicy little rump, we get her into position. Her sweet little gams are tied open wide and we’re really liking what we see. Jada can’t move and that’s what we want as she makes a perfect target for the Machine’s brutality. She’s little, but she’s loud and she screams like a fucking banshee as she gets ram-rodded by the Cumbot. Watching this sweet little treat cum so hard is addictive and we’ll definitely be seeing more of her here at DungeonCorp.


CeCe ain’t playing around. She plants her ass in the chair and immediately starts working the wand on her pussy. She quickly builds herself up to what can only be described as an ear shattering orgasm, and then we decide to take her to the next level. We bend her over doggie style and CeCe obediently complies. We start the Machine off nice and slow… nice and slow… in and out… She moans and purrs and I imagine she thinks we’re going to give her a slow and easy one. Slow and easy it shall not be for long however, as we push to momentum into overdrive. Her purrs turn to grunts, and soon CeCe is left spent and physically wrung dry on the Dungeon floor.

Oh Sasha, She’s So Sweet

Sasha’s all natural… what a body. And she’s always been a bit curious when it comes to BDSM… Sounds like the makings of a perfect day… She strips for us and displays her mouth watering wares before she plants her sweet ass down on the chair and brings herself to a frenzy… Next, we bind this buxom babe spread eagle to the chair and let the Machine get down to business. Rock hard, we watch and listen as Sasha gets a grand fucking at the mercy of the Cumbot

Smoking, Squirting, Sex Machine

Mahina takes a puff on her smoke… she has an idea about what we’ve concocted, but does she have a clue? After she finishes her cigarette, we abruptly remove her clothing. Down on the floor she goes… We bend her over. We bind her to the table. We get her ready for the machine fucking of her life… The Cumbot begins slowly… Pumping in and out, her moans increasing in pitch as it builds in pace. As the speed builds so does the intensity, she cums in a mind blowing fashion. Still hungry for more, we have her masturbate on command, she gives way to a massive, squirting orgasm.

Two Dames in the Dungeon

Two sexy dames left to their own devices in the Dungeon, what kind of mischief can they get up to? Tara spreads her legs as Reena smashes the vibe against her clit while she licks away… These two lovelies take turns one each others gashes until we reach a fucking fever pitch… something has to give doesn’t it? Since these two chicks dig each other so much, lets go ahead and pair them together in a more “permanent” fashion shall we? Intertwined at the neck and in an eternal liplock, the stakes are raised… Reena is bent as she takes a hard fucking from behind… Tara is bound to the Sybian.What unfolds is simply blisteringly hot!

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