I gotta say, Audrey really knows how to get the blood pumping. Just watching her sit in that chair, vibing her pussy, is enough to give a man a coronary. She’s a sexy dame that’s for fucking sure. She brings herself off to a gut-wrenching orgasm that leaves us all breathless and wanting more, and more we shall have. Next, Audrey finds herself bent over on the chair and we’ve got that Cumbot all up in her. The machine starts tearing away like a battering ram, full steam ahead and Audrey wails to the heavens above as she is pushed to an amazing orgasm.

Loud & Proud

Hollie’s back for more. We’ve seen her stretched, whipped, suspended and fucked. Now it’s time to see her take a good machine fucking .One thing I notice as Hollie undresses is that she has one hell of body. Nice and tight with some sweet, perky tits. This should be good. She’s no stranger to the wand and eagerly gets to work with it on her shaven pussy. Nice eye candy. That’s all pretty tame though. When we take it to the next level, Ms. Stevens finds herself spread wide in a chair. We know she’s quite the screamer, so we tape a gag into her sweet little mouth. We crank up the Cumbot and watch Hollie writhe. Nothing can silence her though.

Orgasmic Events

Amazingly, after all this time, this will mark Audrey’s debut in Cumbots. She’s been on most of the other DungeonCorp sites so we were awaiting this shoot with excitement. She’s a sexy lady, she’s got it all, and she’s got a dark side. She’s welcome here. She disrobes for us and sits atop the cube as she spreads her legs and gives us an eagle-eye view. She’s got a way about her that becomes evident as she works her pussy over with the dildo. Next we restrain her on the cube, she won’t be going anywhere. The Machine is set in motion and so is the orgasmic event soon to follow.

April in April

What a way to start off a new month, the month of April…with April. She needs no introduction, so we get right down to business. We bind her down atop the Sybian and hit the switch. April instantly goes into a frenzy. Her beautiful, bound breasts heave as she struggles for us. Little whimpers escape from her little gagged mouth. We watch intently as the overall intensity increases. April hangs on for the long ride. She has no choice in the matter. We take her to the edge and beyond and we take all that she has to give.

Cue The Waterworks

I’ve always had kind of a soft spot for the innocent looking ones. Sindee’s no exception. Well, she is an exception is one sense, and that one sense kind of sets her apart from the others. She definitely is an eager beaver and it shows so without much ado, we hand her a vibe. We now watch as Sindee disrobes, she begins to pant as she breathily spreads her legs and begins to masturbate for us. The room is silent as we watch in awe, this little lady is really going to town on her gash and it isn’t long before she spouts off an orgasmic geyser. Sindee is now sopping wet and we’re rock hard and yet, we have only just begun. Up on the bench she shall go and we take her lovely little legs and restrain them wide. Her sopping pussy makes easy work for the Cumbot and it glides with ease. Sindee isn’t finished, far from it. Lets just say the orgasms shall “flow”.

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